Box2Thai makes the delivery of packages to Thailand not only easy, but also mutch cheaper. We combine the Switzerland and Thailand. Globalization for you and me.. Box2Thai paves the way to sustainably connect the people in both countries. With conviction and with much commitment. Because we think that is the future.
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Please check with the competent offices of the import requirements of Thailand. Box2Thai accepts no responsibility for confiscated items.
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Prices in CHF € - Carton Box 10.00 10.00 - Delivery frm Däniken to 150.00 150.00 Lop Buri You want to deliver several boxes to the same delivery address at the same time, you pay the route surcharge only once. For bulky items or other oversized articles contact us by e-Mail or telephone. We takes over the organisation and transporting for a complete household to Thailand. Including vehicles.
Receptions Find the List of receiving points for your box to Thailand. Of course you will receive there also empty boxes from Box2Thai, as well as declaration forms for customs and the terms and conditions of Box2Thai. Full Boxes can be accepted only with the filled out customs form and the signed therm and conditions click here
Dates Pick up: The container boxes of Box2Thai are picked up regularly at the collection points Last delivery: The packages must arrive no later than 3 days before the date of shipping in the collection point. Only then we can guarantee that your package for the next tour will be shipped.. Travel time: The delivery by sea takes about 2-6 month. Deliver: The distribution from Bangkok depends on the route and the distance. Delivery takes place within 2 to 10 days. Pick-up service Box2Thai has a pick-up service within a radius of 100 Km from Baden (AG) for private individuals. The pick up is carried out by telefone agreement. The service requires that the box is well locked and fitted with the complete adress and with the necessary documents. Die Box must be brought to our delivery vehicle. The transport costs are cash to be paid.
Important notes Weight: The weight of a container box is limited to max. 60 Kg. An additional weight will be charged with additional shipping costs. Content: No perishable goods. Packages with perishable content will be destroyed without notice. A financial compensation from Box2Thai is excluded. Insurance: Box2Thai makes total insurance per container. Each box insured only up to CHF 500.00. The insurance value arises from your supplied customs declaration. Package contents that exceed this amount, are covered by Box2Thai only up to the mentioned incurance amount. For a higher amount of insurance you need to complete an additional private insurance. Downloads: PDF-Customs Declaration PDF-Terms and conditions These forms, please print out and filled out with the box passed.
Send joy Surprise and delight your loved one in Thailand with gifts from the Switzerland. Do you have questions Please contact us under: e-Mail or Tel. D / E 076 525 33 35 Thailand: +66 84 55 35 268
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